project whitepaper
NFT marketplace
handmade art
community driven
a NFT experience
No procedural made drawings, 100% lovely and original human value
An ecosystem based on each user’s interactions and choices
Surprises and twists everywhere, everything is deeply connected

"Snoobs: A dynamic NFT trading game, storytelling and community based, speculation resilient"

Vintage entertainment fun again

VISION - Snoobs Team

A narrative-centric community experience revolving around a dynamic NFT trading game

MISSION - Snoobs Team
Snoobs trailer youtube
An unscrupulous company, an inefficient government agency and an improbable accident. Then something out of any plans happened …something named Snoobs!
Judge by yourself if this a series of unfortunate events or a further step of evolution, because YOU WILL CHOOSE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

How it works

When you buy an NFT from us, it activates a secret countdown. Every time the NFT is sold, the countdown gets a further reduction, until a Snoob isn't unlocked...
Snoobs User Experience Mechanics

We hate expectations

So, we reveal very few to surprise you more. Instead of showing what we plan to do, we’ll put here what has already been done. No spoilers, fair enough, isn’t it?!
Snoobs Roadmap Project

Snoobs Team

A solid and multidisciplinary team, which sees a bright future for NFTs,
even from the sewers!
luigi snoobs team
marco snoobs team
marcella snoobs team
Luigi M.
A divergent and entrepreneurial guy, definitely not his first crazy start-up
Marco A.
A thirst for knowledge engineer, nerdy and in love with coding and blockchain
Marcella Z.
An endless imagination owner who shares pieces of her dreaming world with us